Process Consulting

The process of product development needs efficiency and remarkable quality to market it faster in a healthy manner. At Hire Tech Ninja, we have packages for process consulting which ensure the analysis, modification, or even migration of your existing process.

Launch Workshop

Create a successful team expansion strategy. The workshop includes:

  • Analysing and documenting team roles and responsibilities.
  • Reviewing the current software development process and creating a list of enhancements
  • Identifying prime challenges and risks the new team composition can bring about, and developing a response strategy
  • creating a detailed onboarding plan for new team members

Brainstorming with PM

Work with a skilled project manager to create and implement efficient management and communication techniques for your product development team. Using our Startup PM service, you get:

  • A more effective development process
  • A transparent Communication Strategy
  • Improved software qualities and capabilities
  • Tracking team progress with regular detailed reporting
  • Continuous improvement.

Agile Consulting

Support the transformation of your company into a quick, flexible, and collaborative environment. Included in our agile consulting is

  • Endorse your Agile transformation journey, from base introduction to Lean Development and its core values.
  • Characterizing your worth streams, discovering bottlenecks, recognizing an opportunity to get better in your improvement interaction, and assisting you with upgrading how you convey business worth to your clients.
  • Guiding your development team to build up and hold knowledge, and serve high-quality results with the help of good engineering practices.
  • Use excellent development methods to deliver projects on time and without error.
  • Monitoring and analysing the team's process in new technologies over a specified period of time.

Hire Tech Ninja Your Lead

This program is set up for those who are not experienced in leading a team and mentoring regarding projects. Our TL consulting services include

  • Improved theoretical understanding necessary for project management.
  • Develop personality traits that are necessary for leading & influencing people.
  • Learn to boost the performance of the team.

Reasons for choosing process consulting services?

Agile Transformation

We can assist you to build up your productive Agile strategy for structural and progressive transformation, delivery expansion, and smooth enhancement with your present operational structure.

Gap Analysis

Our skilled IT experts will analyse your organization’s operations and processes to find potential improvement areas and gaps, then recommend the best methodologies and practises for your business.

Performance Optimization

After the gap analysis, we evaluate your team's efficiency, performance, and effectiveness and recommend the best combination of roles, responsibilities, and abilities for your team to use in order to produce a high-performing digital product.

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