Hire Dedicated Java Developers

Hire offshore Java developers that deliver tailormade results for fast, secure and reliable apps. Our expert java developers, power up your web and mobile apps with robust object-oriented development. Our dedicated Java programmers are proficient in using ORM frameworks, including J2EE, Core Java, Advanced Java and Spring, giving you complete Java-based content management. The developers also help you with smooth big-data transformation through Java-Hadoop development.

Hire Dedicated Java Developers For Secured Programming

Our Java experts will create a business-focused Java application that meets your needs. We offer a wide range of services including web app development, enterprise apps, mobile apps, migration, testing, maintenance, support, and more. Our team of top Java professionals will deliver the best results.

Dedicated Java programmers proficient in dynamic solutions

If you want to hire a Java developer, Hire Tech Ninja is a global outsourcing provider, helping enterprises, SMEs, and start-ups accelerate their digital transformation. Our expert Java developers stay updated with the latest technology trends and versions, delivering next-gen solutions to give you a competitive edge.

Custom Java Web Development

Hire a Java development team that includes UI-UX designers, full-stack Java app developers, project managers and QA analysts. With such a dynamic team, we can help you create exceptional Java applications and software that yields fruitful results.

Java CMS Development

Our dedicated Java developers are skilled in Java web architecture and its coding ecosystem. Hire Java experts who work with the best multi-threading, intuitive user interface and helpful resource methodologies to create dynamic web solutions.

Java eCommerce Development

Our Java developers help you create seamless Omni channel experiences through scalable eCommerce solutions. With the feature-rich eCommerce solutions, we can help you streamline and synchronize your eCommerce processes at different marketplaces.

J2EE development

The Java 2 Platform is specially designed for Enterprise Edition to deliver robust web development solutions to enterprises. Our Java developers help you create uninterrupted interfaces within client-side servers, creating feature-rich applications and software.

Java Migration and Integration Service

Experience secure migration of your current business application to the Java platform with our skilled developers. Our Java developers perform the tedious job of exporting, migrating and importing existing applications data, creating a brand-new Java application for your business to boost productivity.

Java System Integration

Enhance your current system with the latest Java technology. Hire dedicated remote Java developers to update and maintain your existing business solutions. Our developers also perform regular checks to ensure high-performance, agility, and flexibility.

Reasons to hire Java developers from Hire Tech Ninja

As the prominent leader in creating Java applications, Hire Tech Ninja houses versatile talents for building dynamic and scalable web applications and software. Our dedicated Java developers are not only skilled, but they keep themselves updated with the latest technology trends and Java versions. You can find Java programmers well-versed in delivering different solutions, including custom applications, eCommerce solutions, Java migration, Java CMS, and Java support.

Multiple platform compatibility

Once the product is developed, you can deploy it to any operating system, and it will work fine. Our Java developer makes this possible through the JVM architecture. The JVM type provides a runtime environment in which bytecodes are executed.


Idea and personal business information are more expensive than any other investment. With strict NDAs, our dedicated Java developers ensure that everything shared during development projects is kept confidential.


Our Java developers follow strict coding standards and best practices to develop secure Java code. They write clean and clear Java codes to prevent SQL injection attacks, saving your app from future malware threats.


Our experienced Java developers are always flexible to work on your project. You can hire them on a flexible model basis including contract, hourly basis and project basis.


We follow time-tested and completely transparent processes driven by clear responsibilities, goals, deliverables and deadlines. We also encourage our customers to participate in the project actively.

Enhanced productivity

Java applications are known for their smooth performance on various platforms and operating systems. Our Java developers can integrate a Memory management system which enables your application to automatically clear unused data and keep the storage for new information.

Hire a Professional Java Programmer in three easy steps

We follow a client-centric approach and flexible methodologies to hire dedicated Java developers. With our vast pool of 100+ Java experts, you can engage your desired professionals for your project. You can easily employ full-stack Java developers in a few clicks.

1. Shortlist:

Once we get your project requirement, we will share the resumes and portfolios of Java developers who are experienced in the job. Check out the synopsis and portfolio of our talented Java developers and analyse if their expertise matches your requirement.

2. Interview:

After you shortlist some Java developers, we will schedule a face-to-face consultation if possible. We also arrange virtual interviews for different geographical locations that help you analyse the developer’s capabilities and soft skills.

3. Onboarding:

This is the last stage of hiring Java developers, where a project manager is assigned to supervise your projects. You can connect with the project manager and the developer for a detailed discussion of your project.

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