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Are you finding it challenging to fill your software engineering positions with a local talent pool? Then Hire Tech Ninja would assist you in hiring software developers as per your requirements. With the Hire Tech Ninja IT relocation services, we handle every stage from pre-hire to completely relocated and integrated employees to deliver higher security and better results.

Why Relocate Developers from Hire Tech Ninja?

We are committed to delivering a safe and simple dedicated remote development team for international recruitment with a fully integrated relocation process because moving an employee from one country to another may be difficult and expensive for both organisations.

What We Do:

  • We carefully evaluate and choose the best developer to handle your IT relocation.
  • We will schedule a face-to-face interview with your selected candidates.
  • We also assist newly hired developers with work permits, transportation, and finding accommodation in your country.
  • To manage all the paperwork including translating and legalizing candidates’ documents.

How We Work:

  • We have skills & experience in relocating developers aboard for global clients, so you can trust Hire Tech Ninja for a hassle-free transmission.
  • Our recruiters deliver experienced developers for interviews within 1–2 weeks. On average the entire recruitment and relocation process is completed within 3–4 weeks.
  • We immensely pres-elect the candidate before we introduce them to you.
  • Compare to local technical staff agencies our recruitment process fees are low.
  • You will pay only when the hiring process is complete, we won’t ask you to charge for resumes like other typical IT recruitment agencies do.
  • We don't charge for resume reviews, screening, or interviews, unlike every other traditional IT staffing firm. You have to pay only after finalizing the developer.
  • We have work permits globally, and we deliver our services globally so our tech ninjas can easily relocate anywhere.

Why Relocate Remote Engineers with Hire Tech Ninja?


Hire Tech Ninja gives you access to a vast pool of thousands of IT professionals that allow you to hire even the most difficult-to-find candidates for your location. To help developers get over their relocation hesitancy, each job opening is tailored to meet the specific goals and expectations of the candidate.


With an experienced provider like Hire Tech Ninja, your organization can quickly acquire highly skilled remote developers that will fulfill your needs as a result of our thorough hiring process. You can beat out the competition with our speed and effectiveness.


Our experienced staff of expert recruiters can assist you to save time & money in hiring and relocating the best remote developers.

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