Process of Hiring Remote Developer

1. Share your requirement

2. Interview & Hire Developer

3. Get Started

Described your requirements

We start by examining general terms and conditions, your business needs, group design, and sets of expectations. We have two administrations that help us set up the cycle:

Recruitment & Intake process

We differentiate your necessities and assumptions to set up a rundown of applicable prerequisites for the applicants—you can either begin by recruiting one far-off developer or assemble a whole cross-functional team, it’s dependent upon you.


Well we understand the intricacy of your business structure which keeps you one step back while starting remote cooperation straightway. So, we arrange meetings with our executives and help you out with your suitable shift.

Interview & Hire Developer

  • Our Talent specialist will create a job profile as the requirement of the client and start screening with all the skills and techniques also utilize the Hire Tech Ninja IT expert’s database to find a perfect match. As soon as, candidates are selected by our recruiters you will get a list of hand-picked candidates and you can go on for your interview around. Ensure that you choose a perfect match for your remote developer whether it’s two, five, or twenty.
  • NYou have the liberty to choose any platform to schedule interviews, and also can use your methods such as test tasks, request code samples, organizing live coding sessions for the candidates. We will even perform reference or different keeps an eye on the chose engineers if necessary. On the off chance that you don’t know what are the most productive meeting techniques and strategies in your specific case, our specialists are consistently there to counsel you.

Start Working

  • We supply your far-off developers with completely prepared workstations and the entirety of the vital framework in one of Hire Tech Ninja workplaces.

  • Hire Tech Ninja Recruitment, HR, Retention, and Administration specialists deal with the on boarding interaction to make the group expansion agreeable for both your neighborhood and distant groups. Our branch chiefs build up a maintenance program that limits turnover and keeps your group glad about the very beginning.

  • We will deal with finance, charges, representative records, get-away, days off, and other regulatory problems to make sure that you can focus on core competencies and the remote team without interruptions.

  • You can select the pattern for handling the remote development team. Or can choose agile methodologies where we will help you to set up the process of Agile Methodologies.

On-Going Project

  • To help you enlist a group of developers and fabricate an open and beneficial connection with your far-off engineers, we appoint a committed HR/Client Manager who is consistently in contact with the two sides and prepared to proactively settle any correspondence issues.

  • Your HR/ Client Manager’s duties will be: looking after performance reviews of your developers, assessing the fulfillment of their job after one, two, six months, a year after starting their employment, and half-yearly if your cooperation extends 12 months; examining your feedback in regards to their work quality and expert development; talking about things you are content with and recognizing zones for development.

  • We will keep essential information to keep your data, network, and employees secure. The entirety of our workplaces are outfitted with control access frameworks, and your group is upheld by our framework executives and data security official. Extra safety efforts can be taken relying upon your requirements.

  • To keep the relationship strong and comfy with your remote developers we organize different activities and throw two large corporate parties each year.