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We are Hire Tech Ninjas. We help you with fostering your business by building devoted assets for your development. From the bottom started as a development resource company, now we are here with the team of experts for your services and your company.

We focus on staff augmentation a process where clients have supremacy over recruitment, the development process, and the team building, and Hire Tech Ninjas deals with every part of having a cross-functional remote developer’s team.

In the period of the computerized market, we understood the value of far off working and its future. Direct admittance to new areas and different tech aptitude empowers organizations to convey front-line items while tackling the issue of nearby ability deficiencies. Tech experts feel more persuaded working with the client straightforwardly and being a piece of a worldwide item advancement group.


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Hire Tech Ninja

We have considered our business solutions to support you on every stage of your growth.

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Taking a Look Back of Our History

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Year of our foundation of Hire Tech Ninjas with a team of 5 developers.


Expanded the team with 25 developers with our 1st office and with the Portfolio of at least 30 projects.


Achieving the big milestones in the market Hire Tech Ninjas was started working with big brands.


With the growth of the company we have so far 200+ experts on board started 2nd office and smoothly working on day by day challenges.



We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.